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a week of musicals

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While the rock opera “Starmania” by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon triumphs, boosted by the brilliant staging of Thomas Jolly (at the Seine Musicale, until January 29), two American musicals are landing in France. Question landing, the Yankees know a ray. But against them we have weapons of mass seduction: Prisca Demarez for example.

Wednesday: Place du Châtelet becomes 42e street

The Covid did not allow this show created at the Châtelet in 2016 to be resumed earlier. It is a well-oiled mechanism, of formidable power, almost as invincible as the Sherman tank developed by the Americans during the Second World War. Remember that for once it was cinema, in this case a 1933 film, that inspired the musical and not the other way around.

The authors do not work in lace and their scenario is not of a mad originality. Peggy Sawyer, a naive little provincial, left New Jersey in hopes of getting a role in the musical in New York “Pretty Lady”, on which the director Julian Marsh counts to get back in the saddle and recover after the crash of 1929. Arriving too late at the audition, Peggy is sent to the balls. But she still manages to get a commitment among the girls. Finally, the star having fractured her ankle, she replaces it in disaster and wins a huge success. Overnight, the debutante from Allentown

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