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“I didn’t name the disease until they told me I was cured”

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Was it “Brassens et moi”, the book you published in the spring of 2021, that made you want to hit the road again with his songs?

These are the circumstances. I usually say that Brassens is a vaccine against bullshit, you need a booster shot every twenty years. Exactly, it will be twenty years since I stopped my last Brassens tour. This book brought the dates back to my memory, I thought it was time to get back to them. A return to basics from time to time can’t hurt.

What songs did you choose?

For the moment, I have selected thirty to sing only twenty-five. Until the tour has started, I am unable to say which ones I will choose. I already played Brassens once at the Trianon a year ago, but everything can still change.

Do you feel compelled to sing the most famous ones?

Like “Friends first”? No. I think those who come to see me sing don’t need to hear the titles they already know to be reassured, and they are fond of discovering them. Like some, posthumous, or “Elegy to a cellar rat”, which I adore. It is a tribute to the wife of Mustache, drummer, friend of Brassens, present at the recording with other big names in jazz. Mustache’s wife, who danced in jazz cellars, died prematurely. Seeing his very affected boyfriend, he wrote this consolation song.

Last year, during the centenary of the birth of Brassens, he

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