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“In my bubble” by Diam’s, the rap album that crosses generations

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On an mp3 player, we select track two. The first piano notes of “la Boulette” resonate in the ears. Diam’s, Mélanie Georgiades of her real name, raps the misunderstood youth. She claims her France to her who ” speak loud, [qui] lives at the end of dreams she looks for a “deadly guy”, talking to ” Marine “, consoles her friend Vitaa, cowardly deceived by her man, in an iconic and theatrical duet – here, the clip is as important as the text. Diam’s also recounts the violence of his childhood in “TS” and talks about resilience.

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These hits, these hymns, which made the success of the album “In my bubble” released in 2006, were chanted by a whole generation and still resonate in the minds of today’s young people, those who have not not known Diam’s in the early 2000s.

The album “In my bubble”, the third opus of the rapper, then aged 26 years old, is a real success in the midst of a record crisis. “Diam’s is the first French-speaking rap artist to perform this performance”, tells “Obs” Laurent Bouneau, director of programs for Skyrock radio. Awarded with a diamond disc, the album sold more than 750,000 copies.

“In my bubble” is an album committed but written “without calculation”for Fif Tobossi, co-founder of Booska-P, a media specializing in rap. “She just wrote her lyrics as she thought. » Authenticity in writing that has per

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