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Is French cinema as dead as they say?

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Rima is cornered, Jack the race all day long. To escape him, she takes refuge in the movies. Slogan : “We all have a good reason to go to the cinema. » Two accomplice Ministers of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak and Jack Lang, extolling the virtues of dark rooms in a bad remake of “l’Emmerdeur”!

The situation is serious. At least we thought so when this spot to encourage post-Covid spectators to return to the folding seats appeared on our screens in mid-October, when the successes of “November” (2.2 million admissions), ” the Innocent” (670,000) or “Simone. The voyage of the century” (1.8 million) boosted the morale of the troops. Question timing, we have seen better. The subtext of the ad, on the other hand, says it all: on the one hand, a minister in activity, fleeing, whose silence questions, on the other, the most worldly of her predecessors, always on the cleat.

Since the end of the confinements, French cinema has been stuck in a mille-feuille of crises. After a record year in 2019 in terms of attendance, French cinemas are unscrewing, some are closing or are threatened with doing so (La Clef, Luminor in Paris, etc.).

In September-October 2022, admissions marked a drop of more than 30% compared to 2019. Already last May, a study published by the CNC in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival – “Why do the French go to the cinema less often? – weighed down the mood. Respondents invoked a loss of habit (38%), the price of the ticket (37%), competition from pl

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