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James Cameron, the man who counts only in billions

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He makes dollars and grows broccoli. James Cameron, on his farm in New Zealand, grows and exports vegetables, including crucifers. There, he also processes his films, including this “Avatar 2. The Way of the Water” eagerly awaited by the film industry, which sees it as a lifeline after the Covid crisis.

This megalomaniac 3D spectacle – is it still a movie? – spread over three hours and twenty minutes, drowned in non-stop music, plunges the viewer into a world half cartoon, half video game, half eco-drama, half technological performance (do four “mi” make a whole?).

Its Majorelle blue aliens – the Na’vi – who fight the bastards who came from Earth to steal their unobtanium, a (very) rare metal (20 million dollars per kilo), are nice: in “Avatar 1”, they were already beating the same colonizers and some humans managed to agree with these metics of the planet Pandora of the Alpha Centauri A system, even to marry them.

Continuation of the events invented by James Cameron: our Na’vi friends, who have become parents, see their childish scoundrels mingling with the resistance and putting themselves in danger. Cameron: “The family alters the balance of power. The film itself changes the balance of international production.

The first episode, set in space, grossed $2.7 billion at the box office. The second, underwater, is expected to do the same – or better. The third “Avatar”,

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