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Are you cold at 19 degrees? Our ancestors have advice

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While the government is enjoining the French to “sobriety” and the threat of power cuts no longer has anything ghostly about it, are we closing an enchanted parenthesis which was that of central heating and tee-shirts with indoors, even in winter?

In this case, we have to dive into the history books to find recipes (which we no longer dare to say from grandmother) in order to better live the cold. Small sample.

1. Redesign your interior

In “Les Délices du feu” (Champ Vallon, 2017), the historian Olivier Jandot recalls that the layout of homes has long responded to an imperative: to conserve heat. Thus, the alcoves, these recesses where we had beds or draperies, which have almost disappeared from our modern homes, were not so much intended to promote rapprochement as to protect ourselves from the cold by minimizing the volume to be heated. . To read Alain Fournier, in “Le Grand Meaulnes”, it did not always work: “Chilled with cold, he tossed and turned on his couch, crumpling and rolling his black blouse under him. A faint glaucous light bathed the curtains of the alcove. Sitting on the bed, he slipped his head between the curtains. »

In many pictorial scenes from before the 20th century, we notice that people and activities tended to be grouped together in the same room. Until recently, it was not absurd to wash in the kitchen, where the heat of the

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