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“Democracy is under attack” launches President Roberta Metsola

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“The European Parliament is under attack, democracy is under attack. The enemies of democracy will stop at nothing. declared the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola this Monday, December 12 about the suspicions of corruption in connection with Qatar which weigh in the hemicycle.

Qatar suspected of corruption in the European Parliament: understand everything about the investigation that agitates Brussels

During her speech, the President of Parliament assured that the European institution would “continue to help the investigators”. “Corruption cannot win”she added.

The sequel after the ad

In addition, an internal investigation will be opened. The objective is to take stock of the funding of NGOs and list those who have access to premises. “We are going to shake up this Parliament”, Roberta Metsola said firmly.

Ongoing proceedings against the vice-president

Roberta Metsola also announced that she had launched a procedure to withdraw her mandate from the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Eva Kaili, who was arrested on Friday in connection with this investigation. All its prerogatives have, for the time being, been suspended.

The Greek vice-president, as well as three other people, was imprisoned on Sunday by the Brussels judge who is leading the investigations. Twenty searches in four days – including one on Monday – were carried out in this investigation involving a Gulf country which would be Qatar, a judicial source told AFP.

Orban ironically

“For these actors in third countries, know that Parliament will always stand in your way”, assured Roberta Metsola.

The sequel after the ad

Suspicions of corruption essentially targeting the Socialist Group, the President of Parliament called on her fellow MEPs to “resist the temptation to exploit this moment for political gain”. Before adding: “Do not minimize the threat you face. »

The new case seems to have amused Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. “Hello to the European Parliament! », he quipped on Twitter while his country is singled out by the European institutions for its level of corruption.

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