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“With the Assange affair, it is the freedom of the press that is threatened”

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“Come celebrate the birthday of the most dangerous man in the world!” » This is how Julian Assange invited the gratin to celebrate his 40th birthday on July 3, 2011. Since the disclosure the previous year of confidential/defense documents on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in particular the famous video “Collateral Murder about an airstrike by the American army that caused the death of civilians, the founder of the Wikileaks organization has become the number one public enemy of the United States. But in this summer of 2011, under house arrest in the Ellingham Hall mansion that a friend lent him in Norfolk County, Assange is still free to move.

Did he imagine how his quip would describe the next eleven years? Less than a year after this party, he had to take refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, to avoid being extradited. He will live there for seven years, spied on by surveillance cameras, before being expelled in 2019. Since then, the founder of Wikileaks has been imprisoned in the high security prison of Belmarsh, in north London.

It was there, in detention, that he married his former lawyer and companion Stella Morris, in March 2022. There too he saw the noose tighten towards extradition to the United States, where he risks up to to 175 years in prison. His lawyer, Mr.e Antoine Vey, who is worried about the state of health of his client, denounces:

“He didn’t plant any bombs, didn’t attempt anyone’s life, and yet he is treated worse than

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