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a billion euros raised to help the country get through the winter

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The international conference in support of Ukraine organized in Paris has raised almost a billion euros in donations to help people get through the winter in a country whose infrastructure has been ravaged by Russian strikes, announced this Tuesday, December 13 the head of French diplomacy Catherine Colonna.

“Aid reaches or even exceeds 800 million euros” requested by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the opening of the conference, declared Catherine Colonna. “In fact, I’m happy to report that we’ve passed that figure and are closer to a billion euros”she added during a joint press conference with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Chmygal.

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Of this billion euros, 415 million will be allocated to the energy sector, 25 million for water, 38 million for food, 17 million for health, 22 million for transport, the rest, nearly 493 million euros, not yet being broken down, said the French minister, adding that these were donations in kind or in cash.

“Helping Ukrainians resist this winter”

“Our country will not sink into the dark”declared Denys Chmygal, welcoming the “strong signal” of support to Ukraine sent by “the civilized world”. “We are grateful to all the countries that remain our allies in this dark time”he added, promising once again that Ukraine would recover its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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The conference in support of Ukraine brought together 70 delegations from countries and international organizations, and aimed to “helping Ukrainians resist this winter”explained French President Emmanuel Macron when he opened the meeting.

Russian forces have been engaged since October in a campaign of destruction of civil and energy infrastructure, depriving millions of people of heat and water. The war in Ukraine will enter its eleventh month at the end of December.

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