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“The FFF must file a complaint against Zemmour’s comments”

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Aurélie Gros, elected regional representative of Ile-de-France and mayor of Coudray-Montceaux (Essonne), at the head of the citizen movement La France really and author of “For a ministry of citizens” (Editions de l’Aube), reacts , on the eve of the match of the Blues against Morocco in the semi-final of the World Cup in Qatar, to the comments of Eric Zemmour on the French team and asks the French Football Federation to file a complaint.

Eric Zemmour regretted, Sunday, December 11 on BFMTV, the fact that many players of the France team are “of African origin, black in color”

The sequel after the ad

Aurelie Gros I think that the French as a whole are shocked by the assertions of Mr. Zemmour who criticizes the French team with a simply racist argument in relation to the skin color on “the fact that there are 8 or 9 players of African origin, of black color”. It is despicable and a real insult to them but also to the entire national community, which does not sort its children according to their skin color. Moreover, he is doing it again, since a year and a half ago he had made similar comments when his book came out, evoking “too many blacks in the France team”. This character thrives on the nauseous buzz, it goes so far that suddenly when other political leaders quietly assume to congratulate certain players rather than others, by making a subtle segregation, it goes almost unnoticed.

You push Noël Le Graët, the president of the FFF, to file a complaint against him…

Yes, we must put a stop to this divider, this professor of hatred. We would all be making a collective mistake not to react, before it is too late. We must not let it pass, our country is in certain aspects on the verge of social explosion with the energy crisis and the French at the end of their tether; and remember that at the start of the last presidential election, the leaders of the extreme right drove us into the wall by focusing the news on the single question of origins and identity. No one denies the many complex challenges to be met, but here national cohesion is at stake. And if no one does anything, a form of impunity sets in, media first, then political and judicial in the end.

Some voices suggest that we wait for the end of the World Cup before reacting, so as not to destabilize the players. What do you think ?

The one who tries to destabilize the players and more broadly the France team and the country is Zemmour. His remarks did not wait for my reaction to be reported to the players. Of course the legal action must be done after the semi-final and I hope the final but the principle must be recorded, the sport carries universal values, we must not let some trample them.

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