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In Ukraine, the cold war is raging

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I never would have thought that having the same power line as a hospital would change my daily life so much”, jokes Valentina, a resident of Odessa. For the past few days, it has been snowing in the big city in the south of Ukraine and the power cuts due to the Russian bombardments are becoming more and more agonizing. Many Odesites are plunged into cold and darkness, like everywhere in the country. “Thanks to the location of our apartment, we are less affected than the rest of the city, because the hospital only suffers very short cuts, offset by its generator, explains the teacher. But in the neighboring districts, the inhabitants have only a few hours of electricity per day. »

For two months since the Russian army has targeted the Ukrainian network and plunged the population into darkness and cold, the country’s public operator, Ukrenergo, has been playing the tightrope walker. The electricity supplier has developed a rotation of cuts by zone – the schedule of which it disseminates – so that the entire population can be partially supplied without the production system, badly damaged by the missile fire, being overloaded. .

By early December, the country’s energy infrastructure had already suffered eight waves of bombings. It was the large-scale November 23 offensive that damaged the network the hardest, depriving millions of Ukrainians of light, heating and often drinking water because, due to lack of electricity,

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