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“Overflows, yes, but those of the wingers…”, in the head of Didier Deschamps

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“I do not hide from you that the environment of this semi-final against the subjects of His Majesty, Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco, worries me a little. I shouldn’t bring up this question and stay focused on what I call my “flight plan”, in other words my purely sporting strategy to eliminate the opponent. And yet, I feel that on the occasion of this meeting, a whole past, made up of resentment, mutual incomprehension, memories in crumbs, could reappear in the streets of Paris or elsewhere.

A World Cup “in DD’s head”

Whatever the result, there is something like electricity in the air, a haze of tension that is still light, but which could well thicken very quickly over the hours. This feeling of outbursts of violence tainting our sport is like a flashing red light in my head. I will therefore do everything to ensure that these outbursts happen only on the pitch, outbursts of attackers, sticking to the touchline, multiplying mad races, devastating raids, with as only weapon, this banal ball of leather which makes dream of billions of people. Overflows of artists, whether they are called Mbappé, Ziyech, Dembélé or Hakimi. Am I a sweet dreamer?

The sequel after the ad

No matter how much I struggle to confine, as best as I can, this ball outside the political field, to protect my players from this deleterious atmosphere which too often surrounds football, I cannot manage to ignore these nationalisms which are intrude like a slow poison on our lawns. Nationalism is war, prophesied François Mitterrand. It is therefore necessary to find a balance, a middle ground, in a way, between nationalist delusions and love of one’s country. We also have to turn off the sound when Eric Zemmour talks about the France team, put it in “silent mode”, not let it dirty my group, which is so representative of our country, of these sons of immigrants singing “the Marseillaise”, flaunting themselves like a band of teenagers, so happy to share these moments of grace, and of suffering, more disciplined than officers of Saint-Cyr. No, this Zemmour is not going to send them back to their skin color, to their origins.

In the head of “DD”: “France-Morocco, the siren song of friendship”

Thinking about it a bit, I found the extra motivation I was looking for. His name is Zemmour. Z as Zero? What better way to send this prophet of doom back to his nostalgic and nauseating past than by reaching this World Cup final? I will therefore send my Blues on a patriotic commando mission, against all nationalisms. By forgetting the little geniuses of the Cherifian kingdom, by concentrating on this virtue that this gentleman with a sad face, sorting out footballers like at the cattle market, will never know. That of sharing for an ideal greater than oneself, of the outstretched hand to the other.

One day, they tried to pass me off as a racist. Crackers even tagged the walls of my home, scaring my own family. I haven’t forgotten those times when violence and ignorance come knocking at your door. These Blues are the exact opposite of these calls for hatred. It is their strength. They are the representatives of a country of brotherhood. It is this value that they must carry as a standard. I believe that I will drop them a word on this subject before the match. Nothing pompous, it’s not the kind of house. Rather something short and concise. To make them stronger and lighter. Victory, I will tell them, is the most effective antidote against the peddlers of hate. »

France-Morocco, World Cup semi-final, 8 p.m. (TF1 and BeInSports 1)

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