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“The first days, in this dungeon, I felt like I was dying”

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You have to imagine a remote corner of Sardinia. And in this remote corner, a penitentiary. And in this penitentiary, an even more isolated district. And in this neighborhood, a hallway. And at the end of this corridor, a cell. And in the cell, Cesare Battisti. In this month of January 2019, Jair Bolsonaro, as soon as elected, has just given the eternal fugitive a gift to his friend Matteo Salvini, a figure in the Northern League then Minister of the Interior. This Battisti affiliated during the years of lead to the Proletarians Armed for Communism (PAC), condemned for four homicides (which he ended up recognizing), Salvini wants to see him die little by little of loneliness and despair in this “Italian Guantánamo”. Leaning over the sealed table of his sordid cell, the prisoner blackens loose sheets at top speed and his handwriting is so tight (paper is rare) that he will barely have room to number them.

Three years later, this book is in bookstores, entitled “Le Guet-Apens”. The prisoner, who nonetheless remains a writer (three “Série Noire”, among others, and the very beautiful “Sentimental Cargo” in 2005), chose this classic narrative device which is the invention of a double of oneself. For years, moreover, Battisti had been secretly inventing an alter ego with whom to share his doubts and his strange life. His literary double is called Adriano. He is the type to believe in Santa Claus, one who would have read “Germinal » and “the Iron Heel” and which from the celestial vault

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