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Morocco: at the bar Chez Titon (Paris 11th), the boycott of the supporters did not resist the semi-final

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It’s a small regulars bar and during pool matches it wasn’t crowded. “Three weeks ago, two thirds of the customers present this evening told me that they were boycotting! », quips Alain-Nicolas Jomé, one of the managers. He would have liked to be able to boycott, he says, but the financial windfall is too good: during the final stages, the turnover of the evening doubles, even triples.

Between financial windfall and malaise, the complex arbitration of bars who hesitate to boycott the World Cup

The smell of beer and the clamor of sport greet us as we enter the crowded room, where each wall is decked out with a screen. The time for a boycott seems a long way off. Except maybe for Sami. This history student has boycotted all the matches so far, but the historic poster of this France – Morocco semi-final made him crack.

The sequel after the ad

“I had not watched a single match, not an action, not a single replay. In addition to the human rights issue, Qatar is regularly accused of supporting Islamic terrorism in the region. As someone born during the civil war in Algeria, this touches me deeply. But sometimes, the stake exceeds the play. That is why I cracked. »

If Sami willingly confides his feeling of unease, his table neighbor, Maxime, finds that we are doing a little too much about Qatar. Watched him from the start. “During the edition in Russia, there were not so many criticisms when there was surely material”, he believes. Clément, seated behind, arranged himself with conscience by boycotting only the group stages.

“The World Cup in Qatar has been around for ten years and comes up regularly in the press. Inevitably, in the long run, we are less sensitive… ”

” I am disgusted “

Opinion shared by Kévin, France team jersey on the shoulders. “It’s true that Qatar is far away… It’s hard to realize”. And then, after all, what’s the point of the boycott? Thibaut, specialist in data analysis and “not a football fan”, wonders. “Watching a match is not a binding act. Not looking at it, what does it change, basically? » For him, it is the States that should lead the boycott. Moreover, when Emmanuel Macron briefly appeared on the screen during the match, he was booed by the spectators.

“I leave my conscience aside”: with France in the semi-finals, the untenable resolution of the boycott

As we chat, Lou, the waitress, weaves between the tables…without a glance for the screens. Her boycott, she intends to keep it, despite her work behind the bar. “When I see everyone watching the matches, I am really disgusted because this World Cup is for me the ultimate manifestation of a capitalism that I abhor. After the summer of climatic catastrophe that we have known, how can we still organize this kind of event? And how can people join? I don’t understand. » The victory of the Blues against Morocco brought together more than 20 million viewers on TF1, the best score of the year 2022 for the channel.

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