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how to make the next international sports competitions ecological?

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Air-conditioned stadiums, air shuttles during the World Cup in Qatar and cohorts of supporters who swept through the emirate. Snow brought by truck for the Biathlon World Cup in Grand-Bornand, in the Alps. Ski slopes in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert for the 2029 Asian Winter Games…

A plane will transport supporters every 10 minutes between Qatar and its neighboring countries during the World Cup

Major international sports raouts are increasingly criticized for their colossal environmental impact. However, all the organizers promise it: their event will be “green” and carbon neutral. The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris even want to be “with a positive contribution to the climate”.

Empty promises or real commitment on the part of the organizing bodies? ” This dimension is increasingly present in the specifications of sporting eventsassures “Obs” Wladimir Andreff, honorary professor at the Sorbonne and president of the Scientific Council of the Observatory of the Economy of Sport. Until the 1990s, environmental concern in sport was zero. » However, the expert does not consider himself “not very optimistic” as for the will of the major organizers such as Fifa or the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to adapt their competitions to the ecological imperative.

“Among the organizers and in international bodies, we do not yet feel any r

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