Home Celebrity “Ten years ago, Dave Chappelle was the banner of open comedy. From now on, he passes for a reaction ”

“Ten years ago, Dave Chappelle was the banner of open comedy. From now on, he passes for a reaction ”

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He likes to pin down the excesses, to position himself where it could go wrong. In Adieu hier ”, his fourth show, Fabrice Eboué caricatures himself as an old comedian “Closer to a 90-year-old man who died in nursing homes two years ago than to a 20-year-old”. And drops his acid uppercuts on the time: seduction after #Metoo, positive discrimination, the great replacement, pedophilia in the Church, the fashion for weird first names or his visit to the Elysée, “where Gaddafi once camped”.

The opportunity or never to review twenty years of a career that led this ex-rapper raised in the Parisian suburbs from the scene of the Jamel Comedy Club to the trashy humor of “Barbaque”.

Do you remember your first scene?

It was in 1998 at Center 6, in Paris, during the football World Cup. In the streets, the atmosphere is electric. This small theatre, which has disappeared, organizes “open stages” on Wednesday evenings. Four comedians perform and the public votes for the best or the two best, who return the following Wednesday. I’m 21. With a friend, we write our texts in the afternoon and bring back a lot of friends so that they vote for us. We pass three rounds.

Kid, were you already laughing?

I am the youngest and the funny of the family. My big brother looks like a cliché of an elder: handsome, jack-of-all-trades, strong in sport, he knows how to do everything and is in line with my father. He is, moreover, today, a gynecologist like him. Me I

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