Home News the country bombarded by Russia this Friday, December 16, numerous water and power cuts

the country bombarded by Russia this Friday, December 16, numerous water and power cuts

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Ukraine suffered this Friday, December 16 from new Russian missile strikes which caused water cuts in the capital kyiv and power across the country, Moscow showing itself determined to destroy Ukrainian infrastructure. At least two people died following a strike that hit a residential building in Kryvyï Rig (south), according to the regional governor.

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According to the Ukrainian authorities, “about 40 missiles” Russians targeted kyiv on Friday, 37 of which were shot down by anti-aircraft defense. They did not specify what damage the others caused. Mayor Vitali Klitchko said damage to energy infrastructure has caused “water supply interruptions in all areas of the capital”.

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For its part, the pro-Russian authorities in the Lugansk region, in the east, accused the Ukrainian forces of artillery fire on two localities, killing eight and wounding 23 on Friday morning.

Faced with a series of military setbacks this fall, Russia has opted since October for a tactic of massive strikes aimed at destroying Ukraine’s electrical networks and transformers, plunging millions of civilians into cold and darkness in the dead of winter. .

Whole swaths of Ukraine without power

With this new wave of Russian bombing on Friday, “it may take longer than before to restore electricity”alerted the national electricity operator Ukrenergo on Facebook.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kouleba reacted by demanding that Westerners deliver “one howitzer to Ukraine, one tank to Ukraine, one armored vehicle to Ukraine, for every missile or drone that targets Ukraine”.

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In kyiv, bundled up in their coats, sitting on the ground or on the steps of the escalators, some residents spent several hours sheltered in the metro. “This morning I woke up, I saw a missile in the sky, and I was not surprised. I saw it and knew I had to go on the subway”, said Lada Korovaï, 25-year-old actress. The municipality announced that the metro would remain at a standstill all day.

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Elsewhere, entire swaths of the country were once again without power. “Kirovograd region (center) is completely without electricity”, lamented its governor, Andriï Raikovych. The country’s second city, Kharkiv (north-east), was also in the dark, as was Poltava (center).

Multiple strikes also targeted the region of Zaporijjia (south), according to its governor, Oleksandre Staroukh.

The inhabitants try to warm up as best they can

In the city of Bakhmout, which Moscow is tirelessly trying to conquer, a semi-trailer truck came to deliver some 200 wood-burning stoves, which were then distributed to residents by volunteers, AFP noted. The driver does not drag to unload the pallets: he is stressed by the ice which makes the streets slippery and especially by the incessant detonations.

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A few dozen residents came to collect the precious stoves, in a city without electricity, water or gas.

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Oleksandra, 85, does not have one. She came to get some medicine at an aid station. “I will survive the winter, I will walk more to warm up, I heard about a heating point, but I think it is not something well organized”she told AFP. “I prefer to think that all I hear now (the detonations) is our army working. I just want to think like that, and it makes me feel good”she adds.

Not far away, in Kramatorsk, the power was cut at the end of the afternoon and the population no longer had access to the telephone network, AFP noted.

According to the Ukrainian presidency, a total of 14 civilians were killed Thursday in the country in Russian bombings.

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