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Cécile Coulon, Nathan Harris, François Cheng… Books of the week not to be missed

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To avoid feeling dizzy when faced with the mountain of books at your bookstore, each week, the culture department of “the Obs” offers you its literary reviews. Novels, thrillers, comics… There’s something for everyone. Good reading !


♥♥ Indoorsby Claire Baglin

Midnight, 160 p., 16 euros.

She never reveals the name of the brand, and yet, describing the trays to clean, the tiles to wash, the burgers to flip, the packets of ketchup, the paper towels and the straws to remember, we know exactly where we are. Just hired as a crew member in a famous fast-food restaurant, Claire Baglin recounts the timekeeping, cleanliness training and the constantly damp floor under her feet, the “mana” (managers) who show their meager power, the dreaded tasks (the room), those envied (the drive) and the “non-posts” (the coffee area, where she feels “stuck in the heart of the useless”). Mesmerizing painting of a universe with its own codes and language: “posi” (fridge), “neg” (freezer), ” trash “ (garbage room), etc. The primromancer even ends up using this astonishing shortcut: “This afternoon, I’m fried. » The vocabulary has changed since the assembly lines, the dehumanization has remained: the body becomes a tool, here subject to a sort of Taylorism of the sundae. When she was a child, the worker father of the narrator repeated to her: “Careful, careful at work. »

Amandine Schmitt


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