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How punk became a subject for intellectuals and researchers

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“Dirty punks. Uses of dirt in punk practices and aesthetics”, “Building punk-feminist “situated knowledge” in German Ladyfest”: the authors of these lines are doctors of philosophy, doctoral students or lecturers. Their work was collected by Catherine Guesde, herself a doctor of philosophy, in the book “Thinking with punk”, published last August by the Presses Universitaires de France at the very moment when an ex-punk, the novelist Virginie Despentes, published with the success that we know “Cher Connard”. The punks, the real ones, nihilists, dirty and noisy, thus indeed entered the university. With their dogs, their Dr. Martens and their clothespins.

Last spring, the archives of the National Library of France and its music department hosted rue de Richelieu a collection sharp with the atmosphere XVIIe century that reigns there. Thirty-five boxes full of photos, fanzines, flyers, posters, texts, letters, collages, each tracing an aesthetic and an imaginary born on the borders of political activism and French alternative rock. The happy donors: François Guillemot, known as FanFan, and Masto, ex-leader and saxophonist of Bérurier noir, a spearhead group of French punk in the 1980s. “And what future?/For the little tough ones/And what future?/Between four walls/And what society?/For the enraged” had carefully guarded the evidence of the burn that the movement has

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