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“No one told me I looked good when I was young and unemployed”

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Today, Robert Redford is 43 years old. He is, with Brando and Newman, the highest paid actor in America and, his beautiful face », he can’t stand being talked to about it anymore. So he proves to himself and to others that there is something behind that perfect face of an American milkman’s son. And he hits Hollywood, Scott Fitzgerald, John Wayne and Ronald Reagan. And he talks about solar power, his mountains in Utah, and the movie he just produced and directed. “Ordinary people” (People like the others »), which will be released next week in Paris, and which Hollywood acclaims for the Oscars. And this businessman, who tried, at the age of 18, to be a painter in Paris, begins, in spite of himself, to tell his life story. And that makes for a hell of a scenario!

Maybe it’s because he had never liked the atmosphere of those big New York offices that are like rat holes perched in the sky and the void, without windows or oxygen. It is probably also that he could no longer wait for the one who, according to a survey by the magazine “People”, is the most handsome man in America – but certainly not the most punctual. The journalist’s head, filled with silent imprecations, was ready to burst, while the secretaries of Robert Redford’s production company, the Wildwood Enterprises, paraded before his eyes, busy, wearing their hats, as oddly dowdy as the oblong mannequins of Vogue “.

Robert Redford finally arrived with seventy-two minutes of re

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