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Addiction France denounces “abusive” advertisements for alcohol and betting during the World Cup

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Sports betting and alcohol are “the other winners” of the World Cup in Qatar denounced this Monday, December 19 the association Addictions France which points the “questionable marketing techniques” manufacturers in these two sectors.

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“Ubiquitous in public places and on the internet”operators of online betting sites and alcoholic drinkers “encourage unhealthy practices while clearly associating football with alcohol consumption and gambling”writes the association in a press release.

The sequel after the ad

Addictions France points in particular to “financial rewards to attract bettors”the use of the image of the Blues and the catchy slogans of online betting sites.

Call for “exemplary sanctions”

She also regrets that the communication of these sites particularly targets the younger generations, more likely to develop an addiction, according to her. But the association notes a “positive development compared to previous years” where advertisements were geared towards “young people from suburbs and disadvantaged backgrounds”.

Finally, Addictions France deplores the use of influencers, such as YouTubers Mohamed Henni for the Winamax site and Bastos for its competitor Betclic, or the ex-footballer Djibril Cissé for the brewer Budweiser, official sponsor of Fifa.

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The association calls for “exemplary penalties” against alcohol brands in the event of breach of the Evin law which regulates advertising in this sector, and calls for specific legislation to regulate the promotion of gambling.

The sequel after the ad

Communist parliamentarians and LFI have tabled legislative proposals to this effect, while the National Gaming Authority, the sector’s policeman, has anticipated at least 530 million euros in bets on the internet in France during the FIFA World Cup. football, an increase of 70% compared to the 2018 World Cup.

Prior to the World Cup, companies in the gambling and media sectors had committed to more publicity. ” responsible “ in particular by limiting advertising pressure for minors.

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