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full box at the box office from the first days

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This month of December is definitely very blue. And if our Blues disappointed us, those of James Cameron kept their promise. For its first five days of operation, “Avatar 2. The Way of the Water” managed to gather 1.847 million French people in dark rooms, according to Disney studios. It therefore makes the best start of the year 2022 in France and even surpasses the first opus, which had gathered 1.806 million curious people.

If so far it was “Black Panther.” Wakanda Forever” which climbed to first place among the best starts of the year (1.692 million in the first week of operation), the Marvel super production is now far behind James Cameron’s film. As for the rest of the world, the film totaled $434.5 million in just five days of release – including $134 million in the United States, Canada and Mexico alone.

The sequel after the ad

A success against all odds

“Avatar 2. The Way of the Water” therefore gives impetus to cinema even if, at first glance, it did not necessarily have all the stars aligned to start. In addition to the thirteen years of waiting since the first part, which could have finished tiring the spectators, the film arrived in a television context charged in Europe with the broadcasting of the matches of the Football World Cup. Note also the length of the film, lasting 3h12, which could have discouraged a large part of the public.

From “Terminator” to “Avatar”: James Cameron, the man who counts only billions

To make his film profitable, which (still) cost 400 million dollars, James Cameron will have to reach 2 billion in revenue. With the end of the World Cup and these encouraging figures, the objective seems more than achievable. And who knows, maybe this second part will be able to exceed the historical scores of the first “Avatar”, which had generated 2.92 billion dollars?

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