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Argentines evacuated by helicopter, more than 4 million people on the streets of Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires was nothing but a party, gigantic, excessive, its avenues swollen with millions of Argentines, to commune with its world champions who had returned in the night, for a victory parade that promised to be incandescent. And above all endless.

The bus from now on “tri campeones” began its parade at the end of the morning from the headquarters of the Argentine Federation (AFA), and was to rally 32 km to the Obelisk, in the heart of the capital, the nerve center of the celebrations. But three hours later, he had only traveled about ten kilometers, slowed down along the way by tens of thousands of supporters, a crowded tide of sky and white jerseys.

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Progress before impossible for the bus, the players got into a helicopter to continue to greet the crowd.

Twitter – Tancredi Palmeri on Twitter

More than 4 million people

From everywhere, from the suburbs of the capital, from the provinces, from Rosario 300 km away, they had come, sometimes left in the middle of the night, taking advantage of a day declared a public holiday to come and share the intoxication of the 3rd world title, and invaded the capital in the early hours of the morning. Its avenues, then various squares, access ramps…

Dizzying crowd, which a source from the municipality estimated for AFP at more than 4 million, over the entire extent of the route, outside and inside the city of 3 million inhabitants (nearly 13 for the ‘agglomeration).

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“Muchaaachos… ahora ganamos la tercera (now we have won the third (Editor’s note)” From time to time, the song, which had become the unofficial anthem of the Argentine hinchas, resounded along the main avenues, closed to traffic, and in the metro. Alternating with the national anthem, more than ever about “Coronados de gloria…” (Crown with glory…) and an inexhaustible repertoire.

“I can’t say it with words, just with emotion”

Nearly four hours before the departure of the bus, they were already several tens of thousands, probably more, tracking the corners of shade by 25 degrees from 9 am.

Their goal ? Celebrate, Commune, Just ” them “ see. “Just being able to watch them go by is a lot! Just if Messi looks us in the eyes for a moment when I film for me, it’s good! » declared, hilarious, Nicolas, 19, came to the Obelisk with a dozen friends. “36 years since we won… I was six when we won (the title) in 1986. I can’t say it with words, just with emotion”released Paola Zattera, administrative officer.

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In the night, Leo Messi, legendary player and captain, was the first to appear on the plane’s bridge at around 2.30 a.m. local time, brandishing the golden World Cup trophy, to win the red carpet rolled out on the tarmac of Ezeiza business airport.

Aerolineas Argentinas’ sky blue and white Airbus A330 bore the inscription “one team, one country, one dream” with on its rear wing effigies of Messi, Rodrigo de Paul, or Angel di Maria, another hero of the final, author of the 2nd goal. The players immediately boarded a white double-decker bus, flocked with 3 stars and “campeon del mundo (world champion, editor’s note)”, for a few hours of rest at the nearby training center of the Argentine Football Federation (AFA). Cheered by several thousand supporters, who had been camping for hours, eager to be the first to salute the heroes.

From Monday afternoon, in groups, in families, with tents, camping chairs, parillas, drums – and of course balloons – they had posted themselves on the wide shaded shoulders of the journey of about ten kilometers between the airport and the AFA, ready to spend the night.

Messi says ‘hello’ to you

“Buendia” (Hello) posted Lionel Messi at dawn on his Instagram account, along with a photo of him sleeping with the World Cup in his arms.

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Instagram – A post shared by Leo Messi (@leomessi)

Then in a long message ” Thank you from the heart ! »claiming that this Cup “is to all, to those who have not succeeded in previous world championships”to this “Amazing group of players”and to “Diego, who encourages us from the sky”.

Because this third star for the Albiceleste, after those of the teams of Daniel Passarella (1978) then Maradona (1986), after the long wait, the lost finals of 1990 and 2014, bears the mark of Messi, sevenfold Ballon d’Or, and at the end of his career, at 35, named best player in the World Cup.

Messi, who was to join his native Rosario later on Tuesday or Wednesday, for a new celebration, a new hero’s welcome, now a legend, alongside Diego Maradona.

“We will receive Leo in Rosario, and we will continue to celebrate him, for months, years…”promised, radiant, Luciano Peralta, a 41-year-old trader, who came to Buenos Aires to share this “indescribable joy, this blessing, this breath of fresh air, after so many years of economic crisis”. “It’s moving, when you love your country, to see it like this…”summed up Cristina Vasquez, 42, a sky and white jersey on her shoulders, moved among more than a million others.

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