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Bastien Vivès targeted by a complaint for “dissemination of child pornography images”

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The author of BD Bastien Vivès and the publishers of three of his works, Glénat and the Requins Martaux, are the subject of a complaint filed on Monday in particular for the dissemination of child pornography images from the association for the protection of children Innocence. in danger, learned RMC and Franceinfo this Tuesday, December 20 from its president Homayra Sellier.

Bastien Vivès deprogrammed from Angoulême: “In France, drawing a child in a pornographic scene is prohibited”

The complaint targets three offenses “dissemination of child pornography”, “incitement to commit sexual assault on minors” and “dissemination to a minor of violent messages”, as well as three works by the author: “The mental discharge” published in 2018 and “Les melons de larage” published in January 2011 (Les Requins Marteaux), as well as “Petit Paul” published in 2018 (Glénat).

The sequel after the ad

“Trivialization of behavior of sexual abuse of minors”

“Petit Paul”, which presents a child with an oversized penis arousing the lust of women, “Les Melons de larage”, where a teenager is raped, and “La Décharge mentale”, which depicts sexual relations between minors and minors. a man of full age, are the subject of a debate on their compliance with the law.

Regarding “Petit Paul”, Franceinfo recalls that the book has already been the subject of a report to the courts in 2018, classified without action at the beginning of 2019 for “absence of infringement”.

Why the Bastien Vivès exhibition at the Angoulême Festival tenses the world of comics

For Innocence in danger, quoted by RMC, “these boards show many minors being abused or showing off their intimacy”. She believes that these comics trivialize the sexual abuse of minors and are “a provocation to commit sexual abuse of minors for fragile people who might think that such relationships are the norm”, an offense punishable by 5 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros. The association cites in particular the words of Bastien Vivès in an interview with the Madmoizelle site in 2017 to justify its complaint: “For me, incest excites me to death […] since I can’t do incest in real life and I don’t have a big sister to be able to do that, I do that in my books”.

As for the cartoonist’s publishers, the association believes that they participate in the “trivialization of behavior of sexual abuse of young minors and the spread of the trivialization of incest”. She claims in her complaint that “From 2018 to December 16, 2022, the comic strips “The mental discharge” and “Petit Paul” were accessible to minors on the Calameo site”, and this is still the case, according to the association of “Melons of anger”.

The sequel after the ad

Apologies from the author

Bastien Vivès has been caught in the turmoil since the announcement of his exhibition at the Angoulême Festival, finally canceled in particular because of “threats”, while he is accused of promoting child pornography in certain works and public statements.

On Thursday, the author assured that his works ” are part of a humorous burlesque genre. This provocative tone, I happened to take it up sometimes, in an awkward way, in my interviews ». “But at no time did I want to hurt victims of crimes and sexual abuse. And I obviously want, if my words may have offended these people, to offer them my most sincere apologies.added Bastien Vives on Instagram.

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Asked Thursday about this controversy, the Secretary of State for Children, Charlotte Caubel, recalled on Franceinfo that‘“A representation or image of a minor in a pornographic situation is punishable by law. It seems to me that a number of drawings by this comedian fall under the law.also said on Franceinfo the Secretary of State, former magistrate.

“Justice, moreover, was seized of a complaint. It is up to her to decide to qualify these facts.she added.

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