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Jean-Yves Le Drian denies having accepted a consultancy position for a Saudi defense company

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Former Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian was approached by Scopa Industries, a subsidiary of the private Saudi conglomerate Ajlan & Bros, who wanted to recruit him for a consulting position, according to information from the site. IntelligenceOnline. This site specializing in intelligence and economic intelligence firms even ensures that it accepted the proposal for a time. But the Breton, withdrawn from political life since May, affirms this Monday, December 19 to the regional daily “Le Telegramme” and to France 3 Regions to have refused this offer.

” It’s wrong. The proposal was made to me, but I refused. It’s not my subject, I want to live on something else., he said to the “Telegram”. In a press release published at the beginning of the afternoon, the former minister specifies:

The sequel after the ad

“I formally deny the rumors published today lending me the intention of working, in any capacity whatsoever, in the service of any foreign defense industry whatsoever. »

“I won’t comment any further, it’s all madness”, he also told France 3 Regions. In the daily “Ouest-France”, he indicates: “I am solicited by dozens and dozens of companies. I say yes or I say no. »

Intelligence Online journalist Pierre Gastineau, now the information revealed, asked on Twitter: “He refused the offer when?” After the publication of the paper? Because before no, even his former ministry was warned. »

A Saudi company serving the Crown Prince

Scopa Industries has, according to “Le Telegramme”, set up a team of consultants with the address book provided to try to attract French companies in the defense sector in order to set up partnership contracts with the Saudi army.

“Scopa Industries is the main defense company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contributes directly to the Vision 2030 strategic plan [la stratégie du prince héritier, Mohammed Ben Salmane, visant à redorer l’image de son pays et à diversifier une économie dépendante du pétrole] by creating military industries, by modernizing the Saudi armed forces”can we read on the company’s website.

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