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Novgorod is submitted by Moscow

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Three days after the start of the invasion of Ukraine, on February 27, 2022, Russian anti-war activists created a new flag marking their opposition to Putin’s regime. The blood red stripe disappears and the blue becomes lighter in reference to the flag of Novgorod, a city in northwestern Russia. The symbol is strong: the city surrounded by marshes was one of the few non-autocratic islands in Russian history before being incorporated into Muscovy in 1478.

30 dates to understand the history of Russia

“L’Obs” invites you to dive into a millennium of Russian passions by telling you about the key moments in the formation of the empire, through 30 key dates, which you will find as you go in our file between December 21 2022 and the 1er January 2023.

According to the legend, the “new town” (in Russian novyi gorod) was founded in the IXe century by the Varangian prince Riourik, a Scandinavian merchant warrior. She f

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