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Should we throw tomatoes at the old daughter of the family?

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Let’s say it’s a little late. Since the resurgence of feminism, many historical and cultural figures have been reassessed. The archetypal example is of course the “witch”, who, thanks to the work of historian Silvia Federici, the bestselling books of Mona Chollet and ecofeminists 2.0, now embodies the revolt of women against the strengthening of patriarchy. and capitalism. This reversal of the stigma reaches such levels that today we seriously debate phrases like: “I prefer women casting spells to men building EPRs” (Sandrine Rousseau). There is a stereotype which, however, has not yet undergone this rehabilitation, and one wonders why, it is that of the “old maid”.

It is true that the expression has blunt tones. We hardly hear it anymore – its last appearance on the benches of the Assembly dates back to 2012 – and there is no need to have attended seminars in gender studies to realize that it is not more in the taste of the time, a bit like the valves on Loana or the women with cats. The fact remains that, like “hysterical”, “witch” or “badly fucked”, this expression has impregnated our collective imagination and continues to work it underground. In 2013-2014, INED and INSEE conducted a “Study of individual and marital pathways” (Epic). It emerges that celibacy, for men or for women, is an ex

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