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It is a war started in the name of a chimera: the distorted memory of a medieval state. For those who still doubted it, the offensive launched against Ukraine by Vladimir Putin is appalling proof of the dangers of the instrumentalization of history. For years, the Russian president has been repeating this in endless speeches. He even signed, in the summer of 2021, an article on the question: since, from the IXe in the XIIIe century, kyiv was the capital of Rus’, a State which then brought together all the Slavs of the East, it is the cradle of the Russian world, and therefore, for eternity, a Russian city.

30 dates to understand the history of Russia

“L’Obs” invites you to dive into a millennium of Russian passions by telling you about the key moments in the formation of the empire, through 30 key dates, which you will find as you go in our file between December 21 2022 and the 1er January 2023.

Ukrainian national sentiment? A mystery! And what does it matter if a Ukrainian language was born as early as the XIIIe century on the banks of the Dnieper, by separating from the Russian language… If Putin made it the ideological basis of his war against Ukraine, we should not believe that this Russocentric vision of the ancient history of the Eastern Slavic world is a pure invention of his paranoid brain. Before him, tsars and then Soviet leaders made similar speeches. Since the emergence of Russian imperialism, in the Muscovy of the end of the

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