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“It’s hard sometimes to live and yet almost no one wants to die”

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After directing eight feature films, the Quebec filmmaker is embarking on the world of series with “The Night Where Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up” broadcast on Canal+. This imposing adaptation of the play by playwright Michel Marc Bouchard tells the eventful return of a young woman to her family. Thanatopractitioner, she must embalm her mother’s body at her request. From then on, extreme tensions and family secrets come to light.

So many themes dear to Xavier Dolan who seems, with this mini-series, to conclude a cycle of fifteen years of intense activity which leaves him exhausted.

When did you see or read the play by Michel Marc Bouchard that inspired your series?

I saw her in the spring of 2019 during a family vacation by Lake Como. It had a huge effect on me because I immediately saw the promise of a psychological thriller in the form of a series. During the play, I found myself thinking about what to film. I didn’t want to keep the theatrical form of the original closed session bringing together the characters around the deceased mother, I was already thinking of filming the two eras, that of the present: the death; and that of the 1990s: buried dramas.

You had made the film “Tom on the farm” ten years after the play by the same author, and you find yourself doing the same ten years after the creation on stage of “The Night where Laurier Gaudreault woke up”…

Our reunions are synchronized in e

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