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Grégory Le Floch sings of old age, Italy and Cher’s breasts

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A pungent smell of vinegar and advanced meat envelops the Roman apartment. In the half-light, a young man licks with delight the toes of a very old woman, then the swollen veins of her tired legs, “her varicose thighs, her buttocks split by bedsores and the delicious blue marble of her breasts”, before getting drunk on his stony-tasting sex. Back home, he records this clandestine meeting in his diary, “the keeper of the old people of Rome”, who makes love to them and keeps them alive. Years later, when her granddaughter delves into her notebooks and discovers her particular inclination, she experiences violent revulsion. Her mother keeps telling her “Your grandfather was an angel! »she sees in these antics only debauchery and depravity.

Hélène Frappat on the trail of Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson, three stars on the run

Saint or demon? She goes to Zanca, on the island of Elba, to try to unravel the mysteries of her grandfather. It was there, in a cave by the sea, that he would have taken refuge for months after having been surprised with an old man in the mountains, covered in opprobrium and pursued by an enraged mob. The young woman discovers an Edenic landscape, where the sky “takes syrup colors” at dusk. She gets closer to Maria-Rosa, her sixty-year-old landlady with funny readings, meets a bather every day dressed in a ” mole necklace and begins to write in turn.

The sequel after the ad

Hidden fantasies

Apostle of the “beautiful bizarre” crowned with the Wepler prize for “To travel the world and to prowl there” (2020), Grégory Le Floch, heir to Gabrielle Wittkop, explores the confines of the speakable, the fantasies hidden at the bottom of dark cavities, in this paradoxically solar book, luminous like the lemons ready to burst in Maria-Rosa’s orchard. It is about hermits and stylites, Fellini, Greenland, the pink breasts of the singer Cher. And above all love and life.

Between luxuriance and decay, this novel of a heady sensoriality reminds us, like the vanities, that we are going to die, and before that, that we are going to grow old. But here “old age is a dawn/that rises over the world”. A new and glorious sunrise.

For the love of Colette, by Nicolas Mathieu, Jeanne Cherhal, Chantal Thomas…Gloria, Gloriaby Grégory Le Floch, Bourgois, 224 p., 19 euros.

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